Run with us. Espectacular video motivador para runners de Strava


Espectacular video sobre trail running


Si practicas el trail running este video te pondra la piel de gallina, si todavia no lo practicas, te entraran ganas de probarlo, seguro.

for the love from luis peña on Vimeo.

A love letter to trail running and the Marin headlands.
A film by Luis Peña

Featuring Brett Rivers, Dylan Bowman, Jorge Maravilla, Alex Varner, Harmony Teitsworth, Galen Burrell, Greg Benson, Jennifer Patee, Chris Blagg, Larissa Rivers, Monica Ralston, Rebecca Mitchell, and Diana & Katie Fitzpatrick.

Written, Directed, Edited, and Filmed by Luis Peña
Assistant Camera Tanner Von J, Chris Blagg
Aerials by Float Deck Films & Peña
Production Assistance Chris Blagg, Tanner Von J, Brett Rivers
Song by Signpost – Sleep Son –
Produced by the San Francisco Running Company
Filmed in the Marin Headlands, California